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This reusable zombie bite prosthetic is cast in prosthetic dragon skin silicone and reinforced with performance mesh to prevent tearing, making it durable and lasting through multiple applications. Just clean and re-apply. With care this piece can last for years, making it perfect for professional zombies in the scare industry, haunt attractions and at Halloween events.

Apply with solvent based silicone adhesives (see list below) and follow directions. Remove with the recommended remover for the adhesive you chose. Once removed, clean off any remaining adhesive with 99% alcohol (soak if necessary), pat dry, powder and get ready to use again!

The edges are thin, but not as thin as encapsulated silicone prosthetic. This is because they were created specifically for the haunt industry, not a movie, so the edges are a bit thicker to make them durable. The final creature makeup and a bit of blood will hide the edges just just fine. However, if you do want to blend the edges, it is best to use something removable (water or wax based) to blend the edges, such as Mehron Synwax or Elmers School Glue Stick (apply to edges with a small spatula). If you use silicone products or Bondo to hide edges be aware that they may form a permanent bond and be hard to remove from the prosthetic without damaging or changing it

Each piece is tinted with silicone pigment and flocking for an extra realistic “skin” effect. You have your choice of 4 skin colors: pale cream, tan, brown or zombie green. We recommend alcohol based makeup for detail work or Smoothons Psycho paint if you want something more permanent.

After working in the haunt industry for years, I developed these prosthetics out of of necessity. I needed something fast, durable and realistic to get the the actors through makeup quickly without suffering quality.

Solvent based silicone adhesives

Telesis 5
Telesis 7
Snappy G
Kryolan Medical Spirit Gum
Bluebird Silicone adhesive

Isopropyl myristate (often an ingredient in many removers)
Super Solv, Super Solv Gel
Pros Aide Remover
Mavidon Body Makeup Remover
Ben Nye Remove It All
Ben Nye Bond Off
Kryolan Medical Adhesive Remover
Pro Clean
Mouldlife Life Wipes

NOTE: Most prosthetic adhesives are “contact” adhesives which means both the skin and prosthetic must be coated, allowed to air dry, and then applied. Be careful using a hair dryer to speed up drying time as the edges of the prosthetic may “flip in” causing it to stick to itself.


Removing these prosthetics slowly and carefully will extend the life of the product. After removing any water based edge work, use the recommended remover for the silicone adhesives you chose. Start at the top with a Q-tip or dedicated brush and wet the edges, be mindful not to let any drip into your actors eyes and work your way down. Try not to stretch and pull them from the edges as that can warp the edges. Let the adhesive remover do the work.

Be sure to spot test all glues, adhesive removers and prosthetics on your actors skin before application to make sure they do not have any reactions of allergies.
Have eyewash on standby should some remover accidentally get into the eye.


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